on a personal note

so a little note about me.

and a little something I discovered the other night when I was going to make cookies.

there are four girls living in our house right now. it’s a decent sized house, and it never really feels cramped.

except for in the kitchen. there isn’t a lot of shelf space in our kitchen. there also isn’t anything at eye-level for any of us. and that makes things tricky. case and point – my pantry food items are stored in a cabinet in the laundry room, just off the kitchen. why? I was the last one to move in and there was zero storage space when I got there. that being said, it’s a pretty good option. just about as good as any of the other shelves in the main kitchen area.


this is my view of my shelf from where I stand. and that is our ceiling at the top of the photo. at 5’6″, I can reach the bottom shelf, and the stuff on the front of the 2nd shelf, but to get to anything else, I have to climb on the washing machine to get it. totally awesome. I hit my head on the ceiling last night trying to get the flour down.

I also have my own fridge and freezer (kind of cool,  you’d think), but it’s in the garage. so I never ever want to cook anything because all my food is either hard to get to or …. well, no that’s really it. I forget that I know how to bake or that I have ample baking supplies because I can’t ever see them or reach them without very determined effort.

first world problems, I know. but, basically all I’m trying to say is, that whole “out of sight, out of mind”  TOTALLY works. just in case you ever feel the need to test it for yourself, don’t because I’ve already done it for you.

you’re welcome.